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Calculate Eligibility for Home Loan

One of the simplest ways to understand your eligibility for a home loan is by using the Home Loan Eligibility Calculator. Housing Finance Companies takes income, tenure, other sources of monthly revenue, pre-existing debts, and affordable EMIs to determine your eligibility. If you’re a home buyer, you can quickly input these fields in the calculator and easily check your eligibility. It assists in making an informed decision and prevents loan application denials which would otherwise negatively impact your credit score.

What is a Home Loan Eligibility Calculator?

Housing Finance Companiess Home Loan Eligibility Calculator is an online tool that helps you calculate your eligibility based on your inputs.

How the Home Loan Eligibility Calculator Works?

So, how does our advanced housing loan eligibility calculator provide you with instant results with precision and speed? It takes your details and compares them with the different criteria required for obtaining a Housing loan of a certain amount in its regularly updated database. Thereafter, you get the closest estimate as per the criteria you match. 

Steps to use Housing Finance Companies Home loan Eligibility Calculator

You can easily check your eligibility with our home loan eligibility calculator. Just follow the below mentioned steps and the calculator will display your eligibility:

Enter the net monthly income

Enter the loan tenure

Enter the interest rate

Enter the other existing EMIs

Play around with the sliders to get the desired quote and calculate home loan eligibility. You can also opt for a call back to discuss your eligibility for home loan and customised quote with our representatives, or get an instant e-sanction if you are eligible!  

Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

Age21 to 70**21 to 70**
Work Experience3+ Year3+ Year
Business Continuity3+ Year
CIBIL Score611+611+
Minimum salary15000
Loan Amount8 Lakh Onwards8 Lakh Onwards
Maximum Tenure3020

** Maximum age considered at the time of loan maturity

Home Loan Eligibility Based on the Value of Property

It is common knowledge that no lender agrees to provide the entire property value as the home loan amount. Here, the Loan to Value ratio (LTV ratio) comes into the picture.

So, what exactly is the LTV ratio? In simple terms, it is the ratio of the maximum loan amount you can get to the market value of the property you want to purchase. Thus, the LTV ratio tells you how much of the property’s cost that your lender is ready to finance. The rest of the cost must be borne by the applicant beforehand.

Naturally, the higher the LTV ratio, the more you will be able to avail of a home loan. Your LTV ratio depends upon both your property’s valuation, whether it is residential or commercial, location, and other factors. Here’s a table that reveals what LTV ratio you are eligible for depending upon the property value:

Under INR 30 lakh


Between INR 30 lakh to INR 75 lakh


Above INR 75 lakh


Top 5 Factors Affect Home Loan Eligibility

Home loan eligibility in India and across the globe is judged on your perceived ability to pay back. Effectively, your home loan eligibility is determined by the lender based on:

Your Age – This determines what the tenure of the loan will be, which in turn will determine your home loan EMI. The longer the tenure, the lower will be the EMI and vice-versa for a given loan amount and interest rate.

The Nature and Size of your Income – Your monthly income would determine how much of an EMI commitment you are capable of taking on. This would determine how much of a surplus you make to repay your loan via EMI after your other financial commitments are met.

Your Prior Loan Commitments – Your prior financial commitments have a bearing on your eligibility as the same as deducted as regular monthly outflow from your existing income, post which a portion of EMI set for home loan repayment is calculated.

Your Credit Report – Your credit report helps the lender judge your repayment health score on other commitments which becomes an important criterion for approval or rejection of your loan.

Regulatory Guidelines – NHB too has laid down restrictions on the maximum loan amount as a percentage of the home cost. This limit varies slightly on the basis of the property cost, with lower cost homes being eligible for a higher limit and vice-versa.

How can you increase your Home Loan Eligibility?

Applying Jointly: Include either your earning spouse or a co-applicant as a joint applicant of the loan, your loan eligibility could improve substantially. This is because the joint applicant’s income will also be taken into consideration while determining the loan eligibility. But remember, the factors discussed above would be applicable to the joint home loan applicant too.

By Closing Other Loans: If you are paying other EMIs, you may consider closing them immediately by pre-paying, so that you have a larger surplus available to channel towards your home loan EMI. This helps push up your eligibility.

We hope this short bite on eligibility has helped you understand the basics of eligibility. Please make the best use of housing loan eligibility calculator below and be on your way to finding your dream house


What is a Home Loan Eligibility Calculator?

As the name suggests, a home loan eligibility calculator is an online tool that you can use to calculate home loan eligibility. You can find such a calculator for home loan eligibility on the website or apps of your lender or financial service provider. It is a great financial planning tool that is easy to use and lets you figure out how much home loan amount and monthly EMI you are eligible for, depending upon various factors that you input. 

All you need to do is enter the following information:

Gross monthly income

Desired home loan tenure

Rate of interest

Any existing EMIs

With Housing Finance Companies home loan eligibility calculator, you even get the option to request a call back or get an instant e-sanction!

How to Check Home Loan Eligibility Based on Salary?

We all know that income/salary is central to your housing loan eligibility. After all, how much you earn dictates if and when you will be able to pay off a certain amount of home loan. To qualify for a Housing Finance Companies home loan, you need to have a minimum gross monthly income of INR 15,000. This holds true whether you are a salaried individual or self-employed.

Can I Take Two Home Loans?

As long as you are financially capable with a good credit history, then why not? There is no written rule or law that restricts the number of home loans an individual can take to just one. Thus, you are free to apply for as many home loans as you want – whether it’s just two or more. Property and real estate investors often take up more than one home loan basis their good track record in repaying previous home loans. Our experts recommend adequate financial planning before taking up two or more home loans as it can be quite an economic burden to pay multiple home loan EMIs. Reach out to our customer care today for proper guidance on how to avail two or more home loans!

What is the Minimum Age to Apply for Home Loan?

your age should be 21 years at the time of applying for a home loan from Housing Finance Companies.

How to Calculate Home Loan Eligibility?

You can check the loan amount you are eligible for by filling your details on our online home loan eligibility calculator.

Is Home Loan Eligibility Linked With Age?

Yes, your age should not be more than 70 years at the time of loan maturity. For ex. if you are 45 years old, the maximum loan you can get is for 25 years and EMI would be spread throughout the loan tenure.

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